Folder 50 Years of Nigeria's Nationhood

50 Years of Nigeria's Nationhood


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pdf Chapter 1 Introduction Dejo Abdulrahman and Tukur Garba ( pdf, 123 KB ) (65 downloads)
pdf Chapter 10 Industrial Development and Sustainable Development in Nigeria Haruna M Aliero, Amina L Shuni and Maria Abdullahi ( pdf, 174 KB ) (83 downloads)
pdf Chapter 11 Impact of Industrialization on Growth in Nigeria Usman R Dan and Lazaruz Z W ( pdf, 166 KB ) (66 downloads)
pdf Chapter 12 Financial Development and Economic Growth Nexus Evidence from Nigeria Mikailu Abubakar and Anas Sanda ( pdf, 218 KB ) (79 downloads)
pdf Chapter 13 Interaction Among Supply, Inflation and Output in Nigeria A Necessity for Economic Growth Usman R Dan and Lazaruz Z W ( pdf, 144 KB ) (95 downloads)
pdf Chapter 14 International Trade and the Challenges Of Sustainable Development in Nigeria Towards Conceptual and Theoretical Explanations Dogondaji S D and M Mukhtar ( pdf, 115 KB ) (101 downloads) Popular
pdf Chapter 15 Sustainable Immunization Programmes and Child Development in Nigeria Adegboyega Kamorudeen ( pdf, 164 KB ) (78 downloads)
pdf Chapter 16 Access to Land in Kano The Imperative for the Creation of Sustainable Cities Dankani I M ( pdf, 144 KB ) (85 downloads)
pdf Chapter 17 Urban Growth and Development in Sokoto State Implication for Sustainable Development Shamaki, M A and Dankani, I M ( pdf, 324 KB ) (80 downloads)
pdf Chapter 18 Gender Division of Domestic Roles and Implication for Sustainable Development Yahya Ibraheem Yero ( pdf, 126 KB ) (58 downloads)
pdf Chapter 19 Crime Control, Management, Prevention and Sustainable Development in Nigeria Karofi U A ( pdf, 143 KB ) (73 downloads)
pdf Chapter 2 Good people, Great Nation 50 Years of Nigerias Nationhood The Journey So Far and the Way Forward Kuna M J ( pdf, 164 KB ) (74 downloads)
pdf Chapter 20 Harnessing Biogas as an Alternative and Renewable Energy Source for Sustainable Development In Nigeria Mamuda Muhammad and Murtala Dangulla ( pdf, 1.32 MB ) (77 downloads)
pdf Chapter 3 The legislature and 50 years of Nigerias Nationhood Counting the cost ( pdf, 196 KB ) (101 downloads) Popular
pdf Chapter 4 An Assessment of the Legislative Inputs in Nigerias Democratic Governance for Sustainable Development Muddassir Ahmad Gado and Sanusi Abdulwasiu ( pdf, 194 KB ) (71 downloads)
pdf Chapter 5 Capacity Building and Competitive Advantage in Complex Bureaucracies Discussing the Sustainable Capacity Argument Mohammed Musa W Kirfi, Bayero Bukkuyum Kasim, Ibrahim Yaro ( pdf, 150 KB ) (124 downloads) Popular
pdf Chapter 6 Conflict, the NYSC Programme and the Question of Policy Relevance in Present Day Nigeria An Overview Akuwe, Albert T Solomon, Michael and Mohd Onimisi Abu ( pdf, 168 KB ) (77 downloads)
pdf Chapter 7 Press Coverage of Ethno Religious Violence in Nigeria Implications For National Integration Hashim Muhammad S and Suleiman S ( pdf, 150 KB ) (96 downloads)
pdf Chapter 8 The Media and the Post Election Violence in Nigeria A Content Analysis of Daily Trust and Punch Newspapers Headlines from April 1st to May 31st Kabiru Danladi and Abubakar S M ( pdf, 112 KB ) (71 downloads)
pdf Chapter 9 A Nation in the Wilderness Corruption, Elite Conspiracy and the Illusion of Development in Nigeria Ogundiya, I S ( pdf, 163 KB ) (83 downloads)